Hendricks Plumbing & Drain Cleaning
Licence #927217

What do you Charge?

For small jobs and drain cleaning:

$125 Plus parts if needed with an additional $10 trip charge applied to each invoice.
For main line stoppages if you do not have a ground level clean out we recommend you have one installed so the proper sized cable can be used to clear the drain but in an emergency if I have to bring my machine on your roof to clear the stoppage through your roof vent there will be an additional charge because it is dangerous for me to do so.
$145 for mainline stoppage and if roof access is required additional $50

For Larger jobs that may take more than an hour:

If you text or email pictures and I can give you an upfront estimate usually with options so you can decide how far you want to take the project. That price may be  subject to change once I see the job in person. 

If you would like I will always give you a rough estimate over the phone with the information that you can provide. That price may be  subject to change once I see the job in person. 

Our goal at Hendricks Plumbing is to be and open book company so as a customer you know what you are paying for. Our pricing is competitive compared to todays industry to have a licensed plumber come to your home with a small selection of parts to get the job complete 

As a customer you are welcome to provide the materials and just hire me to install them and you can save yourself a small amount of money but there will be an additional charge to replace the part if it 
 fails and due to manufacturer defect or if the part you purchased will not work for your situation.

If I provide and install a part their will be a small mark up on the price of that part for the expertise of knowing what is the best part for you situation and where to get it as well as the convince of having it brought to you. If the part or parts don't work the way they should or fail within one year than i will replace it at no charge to you for the new part or the time to get it. The manufacturer will assume responsibility if the part causes any damage.

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